Auteur: Vincent De Vriendt - Gepubliceerd: 27 Maa 07, 20:57

Uppswinget – hottest news of the year

The top new ride this year is Uppswinget (Screamin’ Swing). This is a 30-metre high swing with rather a special position on the hill amid the course of Lisebergbanan. The swing has two gondolas, each holding 16 people seated back to back. With your legs dangling freely you swing up to 40 metres above the ground and accelerate from zero to 80 km/h no less than ten times during the ride. It’s like riding a roller coaster – according to those who’ve dared to try it. 

Building work in the park

For the first time ever there will be major building work taking place in the park when we open for the season. Over winter we demolished the entire building south of the Mirror Pond (to the right of Stora Scenen). The Music Pavilion and the area next to it have also been levelled. The reason is that we plan to build a big new complex that will house a new Evert Taube attraction, a new restaurant and a new music stage. This will be completed in time for our spring opening in 2008.

Sweden’s top performers

This year we have the pleasure of welcoming several of Sweden’s top performers to our stages. Among those who will be appearing at Liseberg in summer are Håkan Hellström, Weeping Willows and Backyard Babies. 

Lotta at Liseberg will naturally be back again this year with ten wonderful singalong evenings starting on 11 June. We promise you there will be plenty of enjoyable themes and performers again this year.

In July Carl-Einar Häckner will take the Stora Scenen stage with his variety show on Tuesdays to Sundays. You can never be quite sure what Carl-Einar is planning next, but you can always count on a high-speed, action-packed mix of tricks and tomfoolery.

Stage and terrace restaurant on the Mirror Pond

A new addition this year is Wärdshusscenen, which will replace the Music Pavilion until the new one is completed next year. Wärdshusscenen will be on the Mirror Pond, which will be covered. Just like last year there will be a welcoming terrace restaurant on the Mirror Pond where you can enjoy good food and drink while listening to great music.

At Lilla Scenen it will be even more exciting when the Liseberg Rabbits perform their own musical adventure, Tjuvåpolis.

New bar in Huvudrestauranten
Visitor surveys show that our guests would like to see more restaurants and bars at Liseberg. Last year we opened Trebello, which is a bar, café and restaurant all in one. This summer we have built a new bar in Huvudrestauranten, which as well as offering a full range of drinks will also serve a simple bar menu. From the bar there will be access to the beautiful terrace of Huvudrestauranten.

Non-stop action at Rondo
Christer Sjögren will be returning to Rondo with his popular Show me Vegas on 4–26 May, from Wednesdays to Saturdays. In autumn, magician Joe Labero will be appearing at Rondo in the premiere of his show Invited to Labero, on 7 September. He will continue to mystify and confound us every Wednesday to Saturday through autumn.

Garden Days at Liseberg

On 4–6 May it will once again be time for Liseberg’s Garden Days, which is the biggest garden fair in western Sweden. Around a hundred exhibitors will be showing off just about every product you could conceivably need to create your dream garden, and if you’re looking for advice there will be experts from Göteborg Botanical Garden and the Horticultural Society Gardens on hand to share their knowledge. There will also be flower arranging and willow weaving courses, garden weddings and, of course, the spectacular beauty of Liseberg Park!

Welcome to a fun-packed Liseberg in 2007!

(Text: Press Liseberg, Photos: Liseberg)