Auteur: Nico Reynders - Gepubliceerd: 12 Jan 09, 19:25

Next season Liseberg (Göteborg), will not only open een new Zamperla Mega Disk'O', but also a 'new' rollercoaster for the family: Rabalder. It will replace the old coaster Cirkusexpressen, a children roller coaster of 1977.

A new Zierer

According to our information Zierer will build and construct this new ride. It will be 222 metres long and will therefore be a little longer than Cirkusexpressen.  

Some more statistics

Name: Rabalder
Constructor: Zierer (Duitsland)
Length: 222m
Maximal height: 9m
Duration: 90sec
Capacity train: 20 personen
Capaciteit per uur: 450 persons
Minimum length: 110cm, with an adult accompanion 90cm

Source: Liseberg